Lead by founder Matteo Defendini, our firm is comprised of a multidisciplinary team
mainly focused on exploring the Architectural values of community and sustainability.
Operating on a global scale and supported by a network of local professionals, we operate primarily
respecting the cultural and natural environment in which every our work is integrated.
Taking carefully into considerations the users’ needs, the regional climate, materials, technologies and working traditions,
we always provide creative and innovative solutions to our clients’ requests.


M.Arch USI AAM · Principal Architect

Winner of "Europe 40 Under 40® 2020"
Best Emerging Young Architect


Italy, USA, Switzerland,
Australia, France, Austria


Italy, Switzerland, Australia,
South Africa, Burkina Faso,
Tanzania, Colombia


40 countries around the world


Work or have collaborated with us:

Daniela Marca, Andrea Guarneri, Jacopo Olivari,
Luca Caravaggi, Simone Colosio, Fabio Duri, Luigi Scanzi, Carlo Cattalini,
Simone Pelizzari, Massimo Fasani, Fabio Orizio, Mario Piovanelli,
Julian Villescas, Camilo Muñoz, Riccardo Canini, Roberto Spinoni,
Simone Bianchetti, Maria Echeverri, Emanuel Mlingi, Esteban Solano, Carlos Peña,
Johann Toro, Bruno Micheletti, Enrico Micheletti,
Hector Hernandez, Jose Martinez, Camilo Mejia, Laura Nuñez,
Luisa Aponte, Luca Fogliata, Silvia Casanova, Andrea Presti

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