«In my work I have always rejected the theory whereby specializing in one sector is key. I don't believe that specialization is the right solution because each project is unique. That’s why I design houses, offices, squares, restaurants and many other different spaces. I believe that true specialization means taking care of people and their daily space, to create unique projects rooted in the territory».

Arch. Matteo Defendini

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Despite their typological and functional diversity, our projects are developed with our clients following the same process each time, summarized below.

We listen to and discuss the needs and desires of our client.

We conduct a survey on the building site and collect all the necessary documentation to analyze the feasibility project.

We develop the best feasible solution, which includes a preliminary estimate of the duration and cost of the construction activities.

We develop the design decided with the client through drawings, renderings, bill of quantities, time schedule and additional technical documentation, while coordinating all the professional figures involved.

We present all the required documents for the issue of the building permits to the local authorities.

We follow the tender process, by submitting the estimates of the different companies to the client to entrust the construction works according to the best offers.

We direct and coordinate the construction, i.e. we check the quality, costs and time of each phase.

We take care of the paperwork and certifications necessary to complete the work in compliance with the law.

Once the work is finished, we keep in touch with the client to make sure that no problems related to the building arise.

If we meet our client’s expectations, we ask them to share positive feedback on our job.

Taken mainly by Matteo Defendini, the following photographs are a private collection of images that both showcase some of our firm’s projects and act as a source of inspiration for the development of our work. Photographs are protected by copyright and are updated regularly.