Despite our diverse services in the field of the building space, the works of the Defendini firm clearly show one shared way of thinking about and doing Architecture. From the development of an initial concept up to the end of the projects, we follow each phase of the work and bring together all aspects and parties involved to achieve a unique and exceptional result that meets the needs and wishes of its users.



The Defendini firm mainly deals with architectural planning of new buildings and renovations in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Our projects always pay attention to energy efficiency and construction details, as well as on the functionality and perceived comfort given by the correct design between architecture, structures and systems. We use innovative materials and technologies to offer unique, creative and beautiful solutions. We take care of costs, time and quality of each phase of the job: from the feasibility study to the supervision of the building site and the final testing, we personally coordinate each activity to guarantee a safe and efficient approach. The philosophy of our works aims at the natural and cultural harmonization of our projects: this is why we prefer materials, technologies and solutions that enhance the environmental and social context in which each project is integrated. The mission of the Defendini team in Brescia is to amaze every client with a unique and innovative result that meets the client’s needs and desires.


Our firm also deals with the design of urban environments and green areas, both for public and private use. Drafting of masterplans, subdivision plans, projects of streets, squares, street furniture, parks and green areas: beauty, functionality and safety are the central themes that guide all our urban projects, while also focusing on the integration with the natural and cultural existing space. From the choice of materials to the definition of shapes, every detail of our urban and landscape architecture projects is developed while respecting the local values and traditions. Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to integrate different aspects of urban planning, such as road safety, the removal of architectural barriers, the protection of the archeological heritage or the development of local materials and tree essences, guaranteeing the realization of efficient, pleasant to live in and lasting projects.


Creativity, convenience, hospitality and personality. The interior design projects of the Defendini firm are characterized by the continuous pursuit of originality and beauty. Our mission is to create spaces with a strong identity, designed and tailored for the client’s tastes and the function of each space. Our team deals with the interior design for new buildings, renovations or restyling, managing the design of lighting, floors, interior finishes and custom-made furnishings.


The Defendini firm team in Brescia follows each phase of its projects, to guarantee time, costs and quality of each intervention. Our Project Managers coordinate and oversee the building site to ensure that what has been designed will be built correctly, acting quickly to resolve the unexpected events that may happen on the building site.


By entrusting your project to our professionals, you will no longer have to worry about bureaucracy and complex technical procedures. Our staff directly takes care of all the building and cadastral paperwork, as well as the drafting of all the necessary technical certifications. We handle the building permits, communications, cadastral changes or amnesty for construction violations, as well as energy diagnoses, appraisals and energy performance certificates of buildings.



With photorealistic renderings and videos of interiors and exteriors, created using sophisticated 2D and 3D graphic software, we can present a realistic image of the project that enables our clients to decide every detail and to define together all the possible solutions, engage workers and suppliers. We also create architectural models, photographic services and real estate advertising panels.


From evaluations for the sale and purchase of properties to judicial auctions; from the subdivision of real estate assets to tax deductions relating to renovations, energy saving, earthquake bonuses and other kinds of bonuses; from the identification of the correct building practice to be presented to the analysis of the building site accounts. Our firm is made up of professionals that can offer advice to anyone, on every topic concerning our complex sector.


The team of the Defendini firm is the strategic partner for the sale or purchase of properties in Italy and abroad as a mid- or long-term investment. We are the ideal solution to obtain professional and expert advice, and for managing all necessary technical and administrative procedures.